Tricky Conversation Cheat-Sheets
Do you think I’m fat?
How come I can’t have Instagram when all my friends are on it?
I am so tired of playing this sport. Can I quit the team?
When can I start wearing make-up?

Or maybe it’ll be more of a truth bomb she drops rather than a question. She reveals she's been spending all her lunch hours alone at school. Or that she’s being bullied. Or that she has a boyfriend. Or a girlfriend.

In that moment when your daughter comes to you for advice, what are you going to say? How exactly do you respond? How you handle this moment could determine whether she ever opens up to you again ...

These cheat sheets are designed to help you navigate life’s tricky moments with your tween daughter. When she throws you a curveball, these "cheat sheets" will show you how to catch it.
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